“I’ve been a patient here since 1989! Currently we have three generations of family that come to this office for care. I feel very comfortable and I feel like we’ve become a family over the years. Dental pain is something that I can’t deal with. I’ve build a big trust and relationship with this office over the years and just don’t need anything anymore. I am very relaxed when I come here. I feel very safe and secure when I am here.” – Tammy

“I want consistency for my daughters when it comes to dental health and a good thing about Dr. Darabi is that he always up-keeps his practice and comes up with new and innovative ways to take care of us.” – McKellick family

“I recently became a patient here and I love it! I like it! I don’t feel like patient but I feel like a family member that they really care about. I became a patient by doing some research online. I went to look at who would actually care about me and who would care for me and they had like 5 STARS, and so I called and got an appointment set-up verily quickly.” – Imani

“Was easy to get an appointment and when I came in everyone was super friendly. The waiting room is really nice, which is definitely a plus. When I arrived I had a lot of dental fear, but the doctors here and hygienist made that not an issue and everyone was really cool about it. I’ve never been comfortable at a dentist never in my whole life, but I am actually comfortable here. I don’t feel so tense the whole time I am here but instead I am relaxed and can breath. They listen to me if I have a concern, its addressed and taken seriously and everything has been great.” – Angela