We understand that choosing a new dentist can be confusing and can leave one feeling unsure. Here is what you should know about Apex Dental Associates:

First, we don’t just work on your teeth; we work with you, the whole person. During your first appointment, we would want to learn a bit about you: what brings you to our practice, your past experience with dentists, any family history of dental issues, and your current dental habits (no judgment!).

We would then talk about any health or cosmetic dental goals you may have. After a full dental examination, we would work together to determine a plan for you. This can range from simple preventive care to dental implants or addressing health issues like sleep apnea. We would provide our recommendations and, ultimately, YOU make the decisions about how to move forward.

In our experience, an informed patient is more comfortable with the process, knows what to expect and is happy with the results. That said, we respect your time. Our goal is to make your visits efficient. We don’t have a waiting room. We call it a reception area where, of course, you’ll find a lot of great magazines. Our goal is that you’ll never get to read them.

What’s next? Get in touch to set up an appointment or to simply learn more.