2017 Mission Trips To Batey (Dominican Republic)

Batey is a small town also known as “sugar worker’s town” made of barracks and houses that were initially made for workers. Batey, a town of labor, can be found close to cane fields where workers live.

Historically speaking, the government of Dominican provided fewer services to batey’s inhabitants since they were considered as illegal immigrants and therefore not part of the country. The bateys mostly relied on private companies for basic support.

The Dominican sugar industry could not survive the sugar competition and the batey communities lacked not only money or work, but also education and basic health services which made them the poorest inhabitants in the country.

The staggering rates of untreated tooth decay and gum disease among children and adults is very high in the batey community. We provided preventive dental care and performed complicated extractions for the people in this remote location.

Dental Procedure
Dr. Darabi performing dental procedure. Kamran (left) assists during the procedure.
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