People live a lot longer than they used to. When we examine your teeth, we consider how we can help you attain and maintain optimum dental health for your lifetime. What we do today can prevent a lot of dental problems (and pain and expense) down the road.

Our goal at Apex Dental is to identify and stop potential decay and damage at the earliest stages using the latest dental diagnostic procedures and technology. Typical checkups include the following:

Cleaning and polishing your teeth
Regular cleaning (minimum twice a year) will remove tartar from your teeth as well as plaque, which is form from bacteria. If left on your teeth, inflammation will eventually occur. Polishing your teeth will remove the tough stains and make your teeth look and feel great.

Examining gums and bones
Careful examination of your gums and the bone underneath your teeth will detect if there are problems or disease developing.

Oral Cancer Screening

  • Visual Exam – Our doctors can quickly and comfortably perform a visual check of your mouth for any tissue abnormalities on the surface of your oral cavity and that may suggest the presence of oral cancer.
  • VELscope – This advanced tissue fluorescence technology utilizes specific wavelengths of blue light and optical filtering to enhance the visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities. This technology allows our doctors to catch any abnormalities much earlier than regular visual examination.

Having proper x-rays allows our doctors visibility of your jawbone and teeth for such things as bone loss, problems with development, teeth in the wrong position, tumors, abscesses, and any other hidden problems. Our Florence location also offers advanced 3D CT scan if needed for more advanced results.

Fluoride treatments & Sealants
We offer these treatments as an extra layer of protection for those patients that are prone to cavities and tooth decay.

Examining existing dental work
Our doctors will take the time to check all the existing fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, etc. for any damage or signs of wear and tear.

If you have any questions about our services, or to set up an appointment, please contact us today at one of our offices listed below.